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Friday update

Hmm, not a lot to report this week. Life goes on.

The monster bunny litter went to the bunny match on Sunday, but none of them got adopted. (We only had three adopters this month.)

I managed not to oversleep on Monday, and watched the shuttle launch on NASA TV, which I am very glad we have full-time on our cable system, and chatted with fellow space geeks on Twitter. anthro_geek was in Florida to see it, but I couldn't get out of work. I'll definitely be going to the next (and final) one, currently scheduled for July. (I did get to miss love bug season, though.) She got back on Tuesday.

I have spent the week at work wrestling with the Windows cryptography API, bending it to my will and forcing it to do things it was clearly not intended to do. Hah!

Nice lunch on Thursday with a good collection of larper folk. Much joking about the Apocalypse and the Rapture.

I was planning to try to do some more cooking this week, but I failed. Ate a lot of good leftovers and takeout, though. And salad.

Angry Birds is available for free on Chrome. I enjoy it, but I don't find it terribly addictive. Tempest is also available. That one may give me carpal tunnel...
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