Moonsilver (doubleplus) wrote,

Friday update

The problem with posting one update late is that the next one arrives sooner than expected.

So, not a lot of news. Work is fine. I'm at the testing-and-debugging phase of my current project, meaning that the basic debugging is done, and now I'm just debugging in response to testing (some of which I'm doing myself.) Bugs are being found, because my co-workers are actually testing stuff! This is a good thing.

(Geek-speak details: I'm doing a bunch of stuff with digital signatures, as part of a project to combine them with our timestamping technology to create long-term signatures that can be verified for an indefinite period of time. Conceptually similar to CAdES/XAdES, basically, it collects the signature, certficates, and revocation information and timestamps the whole collection. The signature can be verified as of the original time with this collection of information, even if the certificates have expired and the revocation information is no longer available externally, and the timestamp proves that none of it has changed since that time.)

Tuesday night I had a meeting of the Consolidated Community Funding Pool Advisory Committee for Fairfax, a volunteer citizen advisory board that I am current chairman of. It oversees the county program of grants for nonprofit human-service programs. We were making a final decision about the priorities document for the funding pool for the next two years. There was some useful discussion, but fortunately nothing was contentious as it has sometimes been in the past. While the County budget situation is improving from the tough times the past couple of years, the program is funded in large part (especially the low-income and affordable housing parts) by federal grants, and the prospects there are looking rather grim for upcoming years.

Then there's catching up on Game of Thrones, Community, and (almost) Doctor Who, all of which I would recommend. And finally getting a good new lawn mowing company (we almost needed to break out the machetes) and another good one to get our chimney cap repaired (it rather bizarrely blew off in a windstorm in the fall and became an artifact that fell from the sky until we figured it out.)

Woo, suburban life.

Update: Oh, and the bomb squad was at a building up the road from my office on Thursday, investigating a suspicious package. They had the road closed off for about half the day, which I discovered when I went to lunch. It turned out to be nothing, fortunately.
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